Drilling in a Better Direction

Our team of professionals provide downhole guidance services, steering tool data, along with gamma logging.

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DDC Wireline ServicesWireline Services

DDC offers a wide range of electric line (e-line) services which include wellbore downhole guidance services, steering tool data, gamma logging, core barrel retrieval and MWD retrieval. DDC’s wirleline trucks are capable of spooling 30,000 feet of high temperature, 5/16 inch e-line. These vehicles are fully-equipped with all the necessary tools including a built-in power plant to cost-effectively accommodate most hoisting requirements. Units are staffed with a fully-trained, experienced DDC operator to ensure the unit’s proper and safe operation for the task required.

Services Include:

Wireline Tools

DDC offers electric, wireline-operated steering tool systems designed to deliver accurate and instantaneous survey and well bore telemetry information to the surface. Steering tool guidance systems can withstand higher temperatures (190°C / 375°F) than conventional MWD and are well suited for hot hole or applications where air, foam or mist systems are being used.