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Directional Mud Motors

DDC Motor Specifications
Adjustable Housing
Adjustable Assembly
Makeup Torque
Trouble Shooting
3 3/4" 4/5 3.5 Stage
3 3/4" 7/8 2.3 Stage
4 3/4" 4/5 6.3 Stage
4 3/4" 5/6 8.3 Stage
4 3/4" 7/8 2.9 Stage
4 3/4" 7/8 3.8 Stage
6 1/4" 5/6 5.5 Stage
6 1/4" 7/8 2.9 Stage
6 1/4" 7/8 4.8 Stage
6 3/4" 4/5 7.0 Stage
6 3/4" 6/7 5.0 Stage
6 3/4" 7/8 2.9 Stage
7 3/4" 7/8 4.0 Stage

What You Need, When You Need It

DDC carries a full range of tool sizes from 3 3/4 inches OD through to 7 3/4 inches OD with 4/5 to 7/8 lobe configurations in 2.3 to 7 stages. This enables DDC coordinators to specify the right motor for the project with regard to hole size, displacement objectives, available pump capabilities and fluid properties. This range of directional motors enables DDC to specialize in hole sizes ranging from 4 inches through 12 inches.

Rig site adjustable housings ensure rig site flexibility and reduced on-site storage.
DDC directional motors are equipped with a field-adjustable housing that allows for easy and reliable bend adjustment from zero (or straight) to three degrees in 12 increments, or to four degrees in 18 increments. The tensile strength of this adjustable housing meets or exceeds the rest of the motor to ensure uncompromised tool integrity. DDC's adjustable housing features a 120 degree wear pad as an integral part of the adjusting ring. Regardless of the bend angle, the wear pad will always be opposite high side to ensure reliable directional performance.

Sealed bearing assemblies deliver downhole-performance reliability and increased run longevity.
DDC directional motors are equipped with bearing packages that are fully oil-bath lubricated, sealed and pressure balanced. This feature extends motor life and reliability downhole while allowing bit hydraulics to be maximized (max recommended pressure drop across the bit is 1500psi or 10,355Kpa). These specially designed sealed bearing packs are capable of withstanding high radial and axial drilling loads ensuring more time on-bottom drilling with a motor operating at full torque.

Drive shaft and universal joints designed to withstand the rigors of variable torque applications.
DDC directional motors employ the latest technology in drive shafts and universal joints. This key assembly converts eccentric rotation from end of the rotor to concentric rotation through the bearing assembly to the bit box mandrel. Pressure compensated sealed bearing universal joints on each end of the shaft contribute to the motors reliability and run longevity.

Power section quality and selection ensure the right torque and rotary speed combination for optimal performance.
DDC directional motors are available with different power section options to handle a wide range of directional applications. Whether the job calls for high speed low torque, medium speed medium torque, low speed high torque, invert mud systems or drilling with air, you can rely on DDC's professional operations team to assemble the right power section for optimum directional performance. The rotors and stators are cleaned, callipered, measured, inspected and cataloged after every job to ensure that all components are well inside the manufacturer's recommended specifications.

Stabilization and wear pads are part of the proprietary directional assembly design provided by DDC.
DDC directional motors can be configured with a near bit stabilizer as part of the bent housing assembly to provide closer proximity to the drill bit. Stabilizers can be spiral or straight blade, and when run in conjunction with the integral wear pad at the bend, provides the full range of stabilization required for any directional plan.

Dump sub reliability ensures trips will be dry and quick/efficient.
This component, located at the top of the motor, is a normally-open valve which allows mud to by-pass the motor to fill the hole or drain the pipe when tripping. The valve will automatically close when pumping starts.

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