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Measurement While Drilling


Delivering Reliability

Tool Specifications
Directional Sensor
Directional Electronics Module
Pulser Modules
Rotary Pulser Module
Intelligent Pulser Module
Gamma Sensor
Gamma Module
Vibration Sensor
Vibration Module

DDC offers a full range of MWD services for accurate and cost-effective, real-time directional surveying. MWD is recommended for applications such as drilling the curve, the lateral section, side tracking and directionally drilling straight hole.

MWD & Gamma Systems Benefits Include

  • Positive Pulse telemetry generates reliable signal
  • Operates in temperature range up to 175C ( 347F)
  • Energy efficiency system and long life batteries for run longevity
  • Modular system for efficient transportation and handling

DDC works with top industry providers for MWD units and service components. Sourcing the best available technology and combining it with meticulous in-house tool service gives DDC the performance edge. DDC operates a fully-equipped MWD/Gamma repair facility.

All service work and testing is performed by qualified technicians using genuine OEM replacement parts to restore each component to as-new condition. An MWD system can be equipped with an LWD module providing a real-time gamma log to assist in the customer's decision-making process.

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