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Directional Drilling


Directional Drilling Services for Maximum Production

DDC offers a full range of directional services which include straight-hole drilling, conventional displacement, horizontal, multilateral, underbalance applications, reentries and open-hole side tracks. DDC also has the expertise and tools for use in high temperature/high pressure applications, oil-based fluids and air drilling projects. DDC stocks tools to work in hole sizes ranging from 4 3/4 inches to 12 1/4 inches and can provide equipment for other hole sizes as required.

DDC has the industry experience to undertake the most challenging directional project and is known for directional drillers that can steer the wellbore where it needs to go on time and on budget. Using tools that consistently deliver high performance and an operational team that acts more like a partner than a vendor, DDC is the preferred directional services provider in the Gulf Coast, West Texas, Mid-continent, Rocky Mountain and Appalacia regions.

DDC only utilizes top tier suppliers that constantly develop and improve the “tools of the trade.” Directional motors and replacement parts are supplied by industry leaders such as National Oilwell Varco. MWD / Gamma systems and replacement components are supplied by majors such as Extended Exploration Technology (XXT) and Advanced Products and Systems (APS). DDC believes that through investing in superior maintenance and repair services for these world class products the company can better serve its customers by delivering performance-driven value on every project.

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