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Our People Make The Difference

Our experience with horizontal and directional drilling gives E&P operators confidence in every project we deliver. Safe, accurate, reliable and experienced are just a few words our clients use to describe our crews.

image   Directional Drillers
DDC’s service professionals are fully-trained and capable of completing all required tasks before they are ever sent out on a job. Our directional drillers already know how to “make hole” when they come to DDC. They receive extensive software and service training relative to the geometry of directional work. DDC drillers are paired with experienced senior staff to ensure our customers’ directional objectives are met or exceeded. DDC expects a level of on-site effectiveness so high that a DDC driller could function with only a calculator and a multi-shot survey tool.
image   MWD/Gamma Operators
DDC uses a Five Level certification system for MWD/Gamma operators to quantify their skill sets and match them with each projects’ requirements. Recruits must have an electronics or IT background before being considered for placement in DDC’s training program. Completion of a rigid, in-house training and development program is required before they ever set foot in the field. This program intimately familiarizes them with all components of the MWD/Gamma units and the application software, ensuring their ability to accurately interpret tool readings, diagnose signal problems and trouble-shoot the system when necessary.
image   Directional Coordinators
Using the latest industry software, DDC coordinators prepare the directional plan, generate the wall plots and recommend BHA components. When required they can prepare collision avoidance and ellipse of uncertainty recommendations. Upon completion of the project the directional coordinator prepares a professional post-well report, providing the customer with all of the necessary wellbore data.
image   Service and Repair Specialists
DDC’s tool service group has the expertise in tool design/engineering, manufacturing and service to keep our tools operating at peak performance. We maintain complete quality control and do not send any MWD/Gamma components out for third-party repair. Motors are routinely sent back to the OEM for stator reline or rotor repair and only OEM replacement parts are used. DDC’s MTBF is among the industry’s highest, correlating directly to keeping our directional costs among the industry’s lowest and that’s how DDC defines “performance-driven value.”
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