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Our History is Performance

DDC is the preferred directional services provider in the Gulf Coast, West Texas, Mid-continent, Rocky Mountain and Appalachia regions. Each member of DDC’s executive team averages more than 25 years of directional drilling experience. DDC has expertise in onshore applications and directional profiles including simple tangents to “S” curves; short and medium radius curves; extended horizontals and multilaterals; High Temperature/High Pressure to Managed Pressure Drilling; air to oil-base fluids.

The key to DDC's success is based on the philosophy of finding and retaining the right people, providing them with the best technology and products the industry has to offer and delivering top-level performance by bringing these key elements together. This strategy, supported by DDC's experienced executive team, has nurtured a company culture that is more like that of a family than a business and has created unparalleled staff loyalty. This culture enables customers to form long-term relationships with DDC staff familiar with past projects and can efficiently expedite operations.

DDC relies on industry OEM experts to provide the latest technology in positive displacement motors as well as MWD and Gamma technology. Product reliability is as much a result of meticulous tool service as it is design. DDC puts every motor, MWD/Gamma and downhole tool through a complete service cycle when it comes in from a job. Strict component replacement criteria are adhered to by DDC's service specialists and each tool is inspected and service tested before ever leaving the shop.

Performance in the field is what it is all about. DDC's directional drillers are at home on the rig floor, where they started out and where they spend most of their time when running your directional job. We understand that you can't optimize directional operations from the shack and that's why you will always find DDC directional drillers on the rig floor, where they need to be, looking after your business.

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