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Leaders in Directional Drilling

DDC is the premium provider of horizontal and directional drilling services in North American unconventional resource plays. The Company specializes in directional drilling services and also offers MWD services that are critical to horizontal drilling, providing a complete guidance solution for directional wells. Since its founding in 1998, DDC has grown to be one of the largest and most trusted directional drilling companies in the industry.

  • Horizontal and directional drilling accounts for most of DDC’s revenue and the primary application is aiding E&P operators in drilling horizontal wells in unconventional resource plays. Precise positioning of the wellbore within the production zone is critical for these drilling projects.
  • Horizontal and directional drilling requires skilled personnel and sophisticated equipment.
    • The quality of the Company’s employees is considered a differentiator for DDC.
    • The Company purchases new equipment components from multiple high-quality OEMs.
    • DDC modifies the OEM equipment to its own specifications, which has led to improved tool reliability.
    • CNC Fabrication and Tooling is a majority of equipment repair and most spare part manufacturing is done internally, giving DDC complete control of tool integrity. The Company believes its tool reliability to be among the best in the industry.
  • The Company is headquartered in Willis, Texas, and has a total of six locations giving it a strong footprint for serving the Gulf Coast, West Texas, Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountain and Appalachian Regions.

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